This section provides a number of documents that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting trading on the Forex market or the stock market. This includes: User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure, others.

The refund policy of the company is created to minimize legal and financial risks that can be associated with the principles of Anti Money Laundering Policy and counter-terrorist financing policy (AML - Anti Money Laundering).


If the source of funds or the Client's activity is contrary to Anti Money Laundering Policy (AML), the company reserves the right to block the entrance to Personal Cabinet unilaterally, to suspend trading activity in the accounts, to cancel a request for input/output, or to generate a refund.


If within one month from the date of replenishment on Client trading accounts trading activity was not recorded, the Company has not implemented void bargain, so the Company has the right to return funds to the sender.


If necessary or if certain other objective reasons, the Company reserves the right to refund money deposited via any payment system including credit/debit card. The refund will be made to electronic wallets and Bank details, which the Client used during cash deposit.


If the Company classifies the Client's activity as inappropriate or contrary to the usual purpose of using the services of the Company, where there is a direct or indirect, illegitimate, or dishonest intention, the Company has the right to act under this document without prior notice to the Client.


While Client deposits his/her trading account from a Bankcard, the Client undertakes not to claim from bank or credit/debit card provider the withdrawal of already credited payment to the trading account during as well as after the use of services provided by company.


The company reserves the right to block the entrance to Personal Account and freeze the current balance of the Client if the withdrawal of payment will be illegal. Further, when all services and commissions will be paid, the funds will be transferred back to the Client’s account. The company will take all necessary measures to prevent as well as to block admission and withdrawal of funds from the Client’s accounts by third party. Deposit and withdrawal funds from the account may only be made by the owner of this account.

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