Referral program

Our company has a referral incentive program for existing clients. The client can use one of two types of the program at will.


  • When attracting a new client to the company's platform, you are credited from 4% to 7% of the profit of the trader you have attracted. The size of the percentage depends on the individual trading conditions of the new client who arrived on your recommendation.
  • When attracting a new client to the company's platform, you receive a one-time cash reward. The amount of remuneration is proportional to the amount of the deposit of the new client who has registered through your referral link.

For more detailed information about the principles of the referral incentive program, please contact your account manager.


Trading signals

Trade signals - a method of automating the trading process on the exchange, with the help of individual technical indicators. Indicators provide the necessary guidance for the purchase or sale of securities. They are a support function, with a deficit of free time trader. 

Trading signals artificially follow trends, taking into account such indicators:

  • commercial volumes;
  • market activity;
  • motion graphs;
  • interest rates.

Using trading signals you have the opportunity to choose the most favorable moment for the operation and the selection of the required positions, which is expected to make a profit.

Free trading signals can be analytically non-functional, and based on malicious software.

Account verification

Why do you need account verification?


Account verification is a simple identity verification process that applies to all financial institutions and works in the interests of the trader.


To avoid criminal activities, money laundering and terrorism financing, the company requests documentary proof of identity and address of the trader. We provide high standards of client protection, without compromising comfort conditions for cooperation. What is the ease of verification in the company:

  • minimum list of documents for verification;
  • no need of document availability in paper form;
  • verification of the trading account shall be made electronically, using the Bank information security protocols.


Documents required for account verification


After opening an account you should follow the standard Bank procedure to identify the customer and process payments.


You must provide a standard package of documents includes:

  • passport data;
  • copies of ID clients;
  • copies of payment instruments (the use of which was deposited into the account).


Enter account and upload the following documents:


1. Copies of the two page spreads of your passport in color:

  • page with photo and identifying information;
  • reversal data by place of residence (residence permit).


As the registration address and actual place of residence are often different, the system may request copies on payment of utility bills or Bank statement showing your name and address.


2. Confirmation of the selected replenishment method.


If you prefer to open an account with a credit card, it should belong to you personally. If you use another person's card, you need to confirm his identity using documents.


The map must be visible to the following data:

  • Name;
  • the date of expiry of the card;
  • the first and the last 4 digits of the card number.


3. When using electronic payment systems (Qiwi, Yandex, etc.) must provide the following copies:

  • screenshot full card number.
  • a screenshot of the receipt and discharge of transfer of finances into your trading account in the company.


The copy must be performed in good quality, clearly will indicate where relevant information and your photo.


The Bank may request any additional documents: copy of page with photo and identifying information of passport, notarized copies of relevant pages of the identity document (internal passport) duly signed Declaration by the trader and others.


Processing and approval of documents is made within 3-5 days after you get the notification at the address specified e-mail.


When you need to pass the verification


After the registration on the website you must provide a standard package of documents, preferably immediately, but no later than 24 hours from the moment of transfer of finances to the trading account.


Verification is a mandatory condition for trading on international financial markets. You should seriously be taken to verify and carefully read the rules on the website. The company advised in advance to prepare the documents, in order to avoid incidents.


Why is it so important to the quality of copies


If the quality of the copies is low, the broker has the right to reject the document. In the case of dissonance regulators can require these documents.


The verification procedure take place once, so the scan must be done efficiently. The verification process takes some time to speed it up, please enter accurate data. In case of an error, you may be asked to alter some of the paper. Only after the confirmation you will be able to start trading.


Why not to cheat the broker


If you want to avoid problems with the law and trade in the market, you must be honest with brokers. Some minor clients when verification provide data in native doctoring a photo in a graphics editor. Upon detection of such violations, the account will be blocked without the possibility of re-registration.


Verification platform prevents criminal activities and fraud. The broker is responsible for the security of your data, so do not neglect the communication with the account Manager and provide documents on request of the company. To confirm the identity of the trader 3-5 days.


In turn, we will provide you professional support and help to achieve your goals!

The withdrawal procedure

To withdraw funds from the account should:

  • to close all positions on the trading platform;
  • print the form for withdrawal and send it to [email protected];
  • to consider the limit for maximum withdrawal amount of 1% of maintenance margin and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euro.

In case of compliance with all above conditions, you are allowed to request an operation of translation, which will be reviewed and processed by the Finance Department as soon as possible!

According to the regulations, after confirmation, the payment may be received before 15 working days, depending on the specs of the policies of the Bank whose services are used.

Team cherishes and protects each Client, therefore, for additional protection will be requested documentary information confirming the identity of the Issuer, at the time, as the encryption algorithms protecting transactions from interference by fraudsters and cyber-terrorists.

Trust management

To make timely forecasting, it is necessary to rely on real professionals. The company every trader has the possibility of cooperation with the analytical Department. Our experts have innovative technology and a long-term experience that allows to make an accurate prediction in a short time, because efficiency is the basis of the financial market.

Method of replenishment

Trading platform have provided all the needs of traders and have introduced several payment methods, these include:

  • debit plastic cards;
  • credit card;
  • virtual online wallets;
  • Bank transfers;

Also, the individual payment methods, which are discussed depending on the goals and capabilities of the client. The company does not charge any additional interest for deposits made to your account.


To make the amount on account card:

  • log to the tab “Deposit” in your Personal Cabinet;
  • specify the required replenishment amount;
  • confirm the transfer of funds;
  • to receive email notification of successful transfer of funds.


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