Stock indices for CFD contracts are financial instruments that allow you to fix the value of a group index from listed companies.

Trading indices of contracts for difference with the company


CFD contract stock indices are a financial toolkit that allows you to fix the value of the group index from stock exchange companies. CFD stock indices are your investment opportunity in a wide range of activities. You will be able to increase capital from the increase and decrease in demand in the market.


Which indices to trade


It is worth choosing international indices: Nasdaq, GER 30, JPN 225, S&P 500, Dow Jones. This way you get quick access to all the global sectors of the economy.


Our advantage


Despite the fact that the market is changing rapidly, the company gives stability. We give guarantees to fix the spread between the purchase and sale price. Enjoy sales without interest!


CFD trading of world indices using leverage


The timer has the opportunity to increase its deposits through leverage, which allows to significantly increase the size of the deposit. If you invest 2,000 euros, with the help of leverage 2:500 you can get 1,000,000 euros by signing a contract for the amount provided. This is the benefit of CFDs, you get the opportunity to make a high profit by investing small funds.


Real-time index rates


Don't forget to keep track of the updated schedules prematurely, because only with a long study and stable analysis you will be able to perform the most successful transaction.


Open your account and get started


Just two minutes and you opened an account in our company. We care about the convenience of our customers, so there are two ways to top up your account balance: by bank transfer or credit card.

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